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with Swan & Horn

Swan & Horn commissions a few carefully selected topical health-related books each year, with the aims of raising awareness among the general public, fostering curiosity, informing and supporting health and education practitioners in many different settings, and educating professionals and postgraduate students.

We do this through the publication of reference books, course materials and self-help books, always supported by an up-to-date evidence base. Our children's books offer clear and balanced messages related to well being.


On the publishing side, we especially enjoy challenging and 'taboo' subjects that have an impact on individuals, specific groups, communities, societies and whole systems. Here are some of the topics we care about:

  • Neurodivergency

  • Diversity and inclusion

  • Prejudice (including racism)

  • Chronic physical and mental diseases

  • Psychology of illness and trauma

  • Public health issues

  • Organisational health (e.g. in education, legal, healthcare, police systems) 

  • Child wellbeing and parenting

  • History of medicine

If your book fits within this scope, please get in touch. You can also browse Our Books to see what we have published to date, and the titles we are currently working on for future publication.  

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