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Books for Children

For youngsters

Simple tales for young children with subtle wellbeing messages. The Four Friends – Tayley, Popp, Gully and Donnie – live on and around a magical Scottish island. They enjoy many wonderful experiences together, and when things are not so good, they rely on each other to get through. These are books for reading out loud to little ones, or for confident young readers to read to themselves. All four books in the series all contain the Four Friends somewhere in the pictures, and there are hidden creatures on every page for children to spot.

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Brave Donnie Dave Johnson Deirdre Malcol

For 6-12 year olds

Join young Ellie in the first book of the Ellie Adventures series - You Have All You Need. Set on the fictional island of Descendora, where Ellie lives with her Uncle Dutch and a few of her furry and feathered friends, this story has comforting reminders about love and friendship, and discovering what it means to 'have all you need'. In this book, Ellie’s recent troubles threaten to crush her. When self-doubt and heightened emotions overcome her, she does something she regrets, but soon learns who and what she can turn to make her feel good again.

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