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I have worked on thousands of fiction and nonfiction texts during my long career. Editing is at the very core of my work, but I also offer all the other services required to take a book to publication. But don't think of me as a "jack of all trades, master of none" - I have been doing all these things for many years, to a high level of expertise. My clients feel safe with me on their side, as their reliable, engaged, objective ally. What's more, I have the ability to de-stress a normally difficult experience by guiding clients expertly, demystifying the technicalities, and taking care of everything they cannot do themselves. Always sympathetic and sensitive, I like to develop powerful, trusting, efficient working relationships.   


Editing - all types 

  • Fiction, nonfiction, academic

  • Development editing

  • Substantive editing

  • Stylistic editing

  • Paragraph and line editing

  • Content editing

  • Copy editing

  • Specialist editing

  • Sensitivity editing

  • Language editing (ESL)

  • STM editing

  • Manuscript mark-up





  • Copy writing

  • Technical writing

  • Re-writing  and re-purposing

  • In text-feature writing

  • Caption writing

  • Blurb writing

  • Promotional writing

  • Educational writing

  • Fiction re-writing


  • Book design

  • Page design

  • Cover design

  • Artwork and illustrations

  • Complex text layouts

  • Print-ready proof prep

  • Mock-up creation

  • Pre-press coding

  • E-book coding and prep

  • POD spec fulfilment

  • ISBN barcode generation

    Suitable for:

  • Books, manuals and reports

  • Author-support materials 

  • Leaflets and brochures

  • Single-page documents

  • Posters and banners (any printable material)

  • Monochrome and colour documents

  • Book launch and promo material

  • Educational material
  • Conference material  

  • Advertising material

  • Corporate documentation



  • Any document (single page 
    to hefty tome)

  • Hard copy and on-screen

  • Web and online content

  • Fiction, nonfiction and academic

  • Digital book checks

  • Complex and illustrated texts bursting with features

  • "Proof editing" 


  • Back-of-the-book indexes

  • Nonfiction, academic and fiction subject

  • Various indexes possible (e.g. subject, author, legal cases)

  • Key word/term selection

  • Image and data indexing

  • Corporate material

  • Manuals and guidelines

  • Loose documents

  • Online resources 

  • STM and clinical documents


Indexing is a painstaking job that requires excellent understanding of the subject/content along with methodical thinking, skill in the categorisation of information, and the ability to second-guess the readership's routes of entry to individual concepts. I use SKY Professional Indexing software to speed up the mechanics of the process.        


This is a random list of other things I can do or help with:​


  • Full project management

  • Editorial team assembly and running

  • Inhouse team liaison

  • Printer liaison

  • Agent liaison

  • Press releases

  • Marketing plans

  • Bespoke style-guides 

  • Fact-checking

  • Content/picture research

  • Publishing contracts

  • Legalese and jargon 
  • Promotional activities

  • Printing and publishing options

  • ISBN acquisitions and requirements

  • Storage and distribution

  • Order fulfillmentCustoms requirements

  • Library lending payments

  • Book classification codes (e.g. BIC, Amazon)


Truly I do it all - for my own books and for anyone who asks!

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