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Swan & Horn publishes only a few carefully selected books each year, with an emphasis on the health and wellbeing of adults, young people and children.  Browse our titles below or buy directly from our BookstoreAll of our titles are also available through major online retailers including Amazon and Waterstones and can be ordered at any UK bookshop.

Browse our titles below...

cancer cover.png

Kevin Donaghy

Kevin Donaghy, from the Scottish Borders, who is living with Stage 4 Metastatic Melanoma, wants to help people who have also been told they have cancer – curable or incurable ­– to realise that they are not alone, and that others understand the challenges they are facing.

Kevin, who has worked in the IT sector for 30 years and runs his own consultancy business, had a cyst removed from his left forearm in May 2018 which had been diagnosed as Stage 2 Melanoma skin cancer. ... Read more 

teal cover.JPG

Dr Shungu M'gadzah

The Six Stages Framework focuses on broad and specific issues of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) to support individuals and organisations in their fight against racism, with the aim of promoting a more equitable society, one that does not discriminate according to race, colour, appearance or other differences. It acknowledges that racial equity is about humanity, about how we see and interact with each other ... Read more 

front cover professor stewart forsyth obe THE WASTED YEARS isbn 9781909674346.jpg

Professor Stewart Forsyth OBE

Determining optimum early-life nutrition to support current and future health is a challenge for stakeholders in this important area of public health. They include parents, scientists, health professionals, policymakers, the formula-milk industry, governments, and global health institutions. It is also difficult for breastfeeding interest groups, who provide civil-society input, to best serve the needs of mothers, families, infants and young children ... Read more 

The Pissing Evil - A Comprehensive History of Diabetes Mellitus

Professor Robert Tattersall OBE

The most authoritative and comprehensive book on the subject, written by the author of Diabetes: The Bibliography  by Oxford University Press. This book is the one that the later Professor Tattersall always wanted to write, with sufficient pages to fully chronicle the fascinating and gruelling history of diabetes mellitus over 3000 years, and it bears the title he insisted on - the "pissing evil" as per the name given to the disease in the 17th century ... Read more 

MHWB cover Mar18.JPG

Professor Colin R. Martin, Mick P. Fleming and Hugh Smith (Editors)

Mental Health and Well-Being in the Learning and Teaching Environment 

The mental health crisis in our schools and colleges won’t go away quickly. This is the first book in which educationalists and mental health practitioner--researchers collaborate to find a common language and unifying framework through which to explore the complex dynamic between learners, those who teach them, and those managing the education system. Wide in scope, it has a multidisciplinary and multi-level approach ... Read more 

impact mental health well being learning
The Impact of Mental Health and Well-Being in the Learning and Teaching Environment on Effective Learning and Teaching: For Practitioners (Books 1 and 2) 

Hugh Smith and Amanda McGrandles (Editors) 

These practical handbooks focus on some of the common stressors and mental health conditions found in learning situations among students of all ages (including adults) and those who lead their learning. The content addresses psychosocial needs and the challenges faced in the learning and teaching environment. Written with a clear structure and easy style, they aim to enhance both learning and teaching ... Read more 

cover trainer manual.jpg
Safer Care: Human Factors in Healthcare Course Books 

Patrick Mitchell (Editor) Clive Bloxham, Guy Hirst, Emma Nunez,  Nancy Redfern, Gavin Thoms

This course was produced for the NHS and other clinicians and healthcare organisations to improve patient safety. It considers the human (psychological) factors that influence communication and task performance that lead to human errors and result in injury or death to patients, including factors specific to hospitals that allow such errors to occur, including hierarchical structure  ... Read more 

Small Steps to Great Parenting: The Essential Guide for Busy Families 

Dr Kalanit Ben-Ari

This is a realistic, relevant, down-to-earth book, crammed full of easy and effective tips – using just one a day will make a difference. It is perfect for BUSY modern families who face more challenges than ever as they try to balance their working life, family life, school life and social life, because it is a based on sound evidence and theory without piling on heaps of unnecessary background theory ... Read more 

Smart Sitting Front Cover RGB.jpg
Smart Sitting: Brain Training to Control Back Pain, Improve Body Awareness and Sit Without Pain

Peter Davies

Peter Davies is a senior physiotherapist who has been using this approach successfully in his own practise for many years. Given that we all have to sit down a lot nowadays, we can all benefit from sitting smartly. The explicit photographs and instructions show you how to care for your spine to relieve or prevent back pain, using the latest evidence-base and incorporating mindful movements and unique ‘body maps’ to pinpoint trouble spots ... More information to follow.

passiens cover cmyk for nielsens.jpg
Homo Passiens: Man the Footballer (and how we evolved to play it!)

Mike McInnes and artwork by Matt Kenyon with Foreword by Irving Welsh

Did prehistoric humans play football? Did they first stand upright in order to play football? Ludicrous though that may sound, there is plenty of (almost) convincing evidence for this - and where there is not evidence, there is science faction! From the truly creative mind of a scientist and lifelong football fan, this is a subtle blend of fact and fiction that romps through the "ologies". Irving Welsh, who wrote the Foreword, found the concept to be bonkers ... Read more (page to follow)

Wellbeing books for children ...

Tayleys nest.JPG
Tayley's Nest (Four Friends): Tales About Finding Comfort in Friends

Story by David Brian Johnson and artwork by Deirdre Malcolm

Simple tales for young children with subtle wellbeing messages. The Four Friends – Tayley, Popp, Gully and Donnie – live on and around a small Scottish island. They enjoy many wonderful experiences together, and when things are not so good, they help each other to get through. In this first story, Tayley the beaver is scared when a ferocious storm blows up. He has not experienced a storm before, but when his friend Popp joins him, they are able to ... Read more

Brave Donnie Dave Johnson Deirdre Malcol
Brave Donnie (Four Friends): Tales About Finding Comfort in Friends

Story by David Brian Johnson and artwork by Deirdre Malcolm

Donnie is the most playful dolphin in the sea around the Four Friends island. One day a dark creature looms ahead of him on the waves. Understandably scared, he tries to make sense of what he is seeing, but he is unable to until his friend, Gully the seagull, swoops down to join him and helps him feel better .... Read more

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