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Book Mental Health and Wellbeing in the Learning and Teaching Environment for teachers at all leves, by Prof CR Martin.

Edited by Professor Colin R. Martin, Mick P. Fleming and Hugh Smith | 404 pages | Illustrated | £19.99

Practitioner books on Mental Health in educational settings at all levels, by Hugh Smith and Amanda McGrandles.

Edited by Hugh Smith and Amanda McGrandles RRP £19.99 (£34.99 for both)

These slim and practical handbooks focus on some of the common stressors and mental health conditions found in learninag situations among students of all ages (including adults) and those who lead their learning. The content addresses psychosocial needs and the challenges faced in the learning and teaching environment. Written with a clear structure and easy style, they aim to enhance both learning and teaching across a range of settings  ...


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The mental health crisis in our schools and colleges won’t go away quickly. This is the first book in which educationalists and mental health practitioner--researchers collaborate to find a common language and unifying framework through which to explore the complex dynamic between learners, those who teach them, and those managing the education system. Wide in scope, it has a multidisciplinary and multi-level approach ...


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