This slim and practical handbook focuses on some of the mental health conditions found commonly in learning situations – among students of all ages, including adults. It addresses their psychosocial needs and the challenges they face in the learning environment, as well as that of teachers and trainers themselves. With a simple logical structure and easily digested information, it aims to enhance learning and teaching, by guiding practitioners through the process of critical reflection, using strategies based on case studies, reflective practice-based exercises that apply across mental health, wellbeing, learning, teaching and training work settings within education, business, community and adult-learning settings. Available individually or as a two-volume set[].


ISBN 978-190967505 | 178 Pages | Paperback £19.99

This second handbook focuses on another set of mental health conditions found in learning and teaching settings. Again, it addresses the psychosocial needs of students, and the wellbeing of those who lead their learning. The structure is similarly logical and written in an easy-reading style. It encourages critical reflection, and includes case studies and practical and reflective exercises and online resources to enhance teaching practice across all learning and teaching environments. It works as a standalone text or as part of the two-volume set.

ISBN 978-1909675063 | 178 Pages | Paperback £19.99


Hugh Smith

Practising educational technologist, Hugh, is a former head teacher, university lecturer and Head of Career-Long Professional Learning at a university School of Education. His diverse interests including technology-enhanced learning approaches to supporting learning and teaching, and he is passionate about the process of learning and encouraging others to learn effectively, with experience of supporting learners from age five to adult years, across early years, primary, secondary, college and university stages. He is also involved in workplace training. 

His career now focuses on educators while he continues with his consultancy, public speaking, research and writing activities.  As a champion of good mental health in education, he co-created the first of several masters degrees in Mental Health and Education.  He is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, and works on the TEAN advisory board and with the Learning Directorate in Local Authorities Government. He reviews papers for Professional Development in Education

Hugh was also a co-editor on our Impact of Effective Learning and Teaching on Mental Health books for practitioners. 

Amanda McGrandles

Amanda is widely experienced in mental-heath clinical practice and higher education. Her career includes working in child protection within the police service, as well as being a clinical practitioner in the areas of child, adolescent and adult mental health, and a lecturer at the University of the West of Scotland. She has published papers on post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety and the transition of children into adult mental healthcare services. She recently acquired her research doctorate, and continues to be involved in the educational, research and clinical aspects of mental health.

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