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Expertise from the two previously separate disciplines of education and mental health is combined in this book to examine the complex problems associated with today's high-stress, high-emotion learning and teaching environments - affecting learners and leaders of learning. Students of all ages have increasingly diverse capabilities and diagnosable mental health disorders, while over-worked teachers face a constant stream of classroom, curriculum and organisational challenges, and the under-resourced institution heads try to balance the needs of their students and their staff with their own and with those of the education system.

This book shows that multidisciplinary collaboration between these experts is necessary to bring about top-down and bottom-up improvements in our schools and colleges, to foster healthy environments in which everybody can thrive, and thus reduce the burden on our health and education systems - and society as a whole.

ISBN 978-1909675025 | 404 Pages | Paperback | RRP £ 40.00

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professor colin martin Mental Health and

Professor Colin R Martin (Editor-in-Chief)

Colin is currently the Professor of Perinatal Mental Health at Hull University and the Lead for the Maternal and Reproductive Health (MaRH) group. He has help professorships at other UK universities, and his other career achievements include being a registered nurse, chartered health psychologist and chartered scientist, as well as a BA, with a large body of published research to his name, as a result of his work at many universities in the UK and abroad. 

He has an enduring interest in perinatal mental health and wellbeing and, as part of this interest, has developed a number of validated measures for use within perinatal research and clinical practice.

He is also the author and co-author of a wide range of highly regarded and seminal academic books (see below), some of which Swan & Horn has had the privilege of working over the years.

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Mick P Fleming Mental Health and Wellbei

Dr Mick P Fleming (Editor)

Mick is currently an Associate Professor in mental health at Napier University in Edinburgh in Scotland, and an Honorary Nurse Consultant for the UK's NHS.

Much of his early career was spent as a mental health nurse, and he went on to spend many more as a researcher into serious mental health disorders, with a special focus on schizophrenia and psychosis. He has published extensively on these subjects in peer-reviewed journals and reports. 

Among his many achievements, he has received national awards for his work on evidence-based psychosocial interventions. 


Hugh Smith

Consultant educationalist Hugh is a former head teacher, university lecturer and Head of Career-Long Professional Learning at a university School of Education. He has vast experience of supporting learners at all ages, across early years, primary, secondary and tertiary education and in the workplace. His career now focuses on educators.

As a champion of good mental health in education, he co-created the first of several masters degrees in Mental Health and Education (for which this book is the course text).  He is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy, and works on the TEAN advisory board and with the Learning Directorate in Local Authorities Government. He reviews papers for Professional Development in Education

Hugh was also a co-editor on our Impact of Effective Learning and Teaching on Mental Health books for practitioners. 

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