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Cover of anti-racism book with SS Framework to counter discrimination

Paperback ISBN 9781909675315  |  180 Pages  |  Illustrated in full colour 

PRICE £19.99 + P&P

The Six Stages Framework focuses on broad and specific issues of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) to support individuals and organisations in their fight against racism, with the aim of promoting a more equitable society, one that does not discriminate according to race, colour, appearance or other differences. It acknowledges that racial equity is about humanity, about how we see and interact with each other at a human level, without interference from politics, entitlement or caves of privilege; it depends strongly on empathy and compassion. 


The Framework helps people identify their position on a developmental journey and spectrum of racism awareness, and moves them in a positive direction, to explore and challenge their beliefs, values and behaviours and change attitudes, prejudices and biases.
It increases awareness of the self and others, promotes understanding and regulation of behavioural and e
motional responses, and leads to positive action against issues of race.


The Six Stages Framework comprises a tool, training courses and coaching programmes.


What the training provides...


The 'experiential learning is designed to help people:


  • Share their beliefs in a safe, no-blame environment

  • Reflect on their thoughts - without being defensive 

  • Challenge prejudice, misconceptions & stereotypes 

  • Understand the role of survival instincts & social constructions in racism 

  • Shift their behaviour & thinking in interactions with others

  • Identify & emerge from any 'caves of privilege


Who the book is designed for ...


It's invaluable for anyone in situations in which issues of race or inequity arise, such as:


  • Teachers in schools, universities & adult education

  • Business professionals & boardroom members

  • Human resources managers

  • Educational psychologists & DEI consultants

  • Sports coaches & therapists

  • Healthcare providers & social workers

  • Legal professionals & the judicial system

  • Police officers & emergency services

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"Dr M'gadzah tackles head-on the issues of modern-day racism. The book is set within today's difficult, turbulent and often unsettling world. It inspires interest by referring to current concerns, such as the tragic death of George Floyd, the Black Lives Matter movement, and the Harry and Meghan interview with Oprah Winfrey. By using popular cultural references, such as the book The Colour Purple, Dr M'gadzah engages the reader wholeheartedly and promotes optimism and empathy at a time of great need."  Sarah Lacey BA (Hons), PGCE, MA, Secondary schoolteacher and parent of teenage boys

"This is an excellent read and covers the key areas of diversity, equity and inclusion in athorough and systematic manner. The contents of the book encourage learning organisations to be reflective through self-assessment. When taken seriously, action plans will be converted to actions, and positive differences will be seen and celebrated from the individual level to the institutional level - no-one will be left out."   Colin Gordon ex-Principal Educational Psychologist


Dr Shungu M'gadzah, author of Six Stages anti-discriminaton book

Dr Shungu M'gadzah is a psychologist and Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Consultant at Inclusion Psychologists Ltd, and the creator of the Six Stages conceptual framework. She has senior-leadership and board-level experience in both the voluntary and public sectors. She was a senior leader in Local Authorities and Education at Head-of-Service level, where she led and managed multi-disciplinary teams. She has also worked in Higher Education teaching educational psychologists and has a doctorate in emotional intelligence. 

Dr M’gadzah was the first black Chair of the British Psychological Society’s Division of Educational and Child Psychologists (DECP) Committee (1999–2000). She also served on the British Psychological (BPS) Press Committee for four years and International School Psychology Association Leadership Committee. A previous Chair of the Association of black Psychologists in the UK, she has been appointed to several Boards to foster greater inclusivity and performance.

Clubhouse club: Everyday Psychology. Name: Shungu.
Handle: @drshungum.
Clubhouse club: Six Stages Framework. Name: Shungu.
Handle: @drshungum

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