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Descendora is a small group of islands that could be anywhere in the world, although the landscape most closely resembles that of Scotland. This is where young Ellie lives, with her Uncle Dutch and a few of her feathered and furry friends.

Created by Jonathan Liddell, the stories in The Ellie Adventures focus with humour and sensitivity, on “relatable challenges and how to overcome them, nodding to the small joys in life”. Jonathan celebrates families and friends and promotes the simple pleasures in life. His exquisite illustrations draw on the landscape, wildlife and nourishing outdoor spaces of Scotland, where he lives.

BOOK ONE: You Have All You Need


Ellie’s recent troubles threaten to crush her. When self-doubt and heightened emotions overcome her, she does something she regrets, but soon learns who and what she can turn to make her feel good again.

Like all of the Ellie Adventures, set on the fictional island of Descendora, this book has comforting reminders about love and friendship, and discovering what it means to 'have all you need'.


ISBN 978-1909675995 | 72 Pages | Illustrated |  Hardcover £9.99 plus p&p

“Bubbling with rich descriptive imagery, this sweet message has belonging at its core. The use of lighting is magical and nostalgic, bringing an old-timey fairytale feel.”

Anna Doherty, Author & Illustrator of the Fantastically Feminist series, Big Ideas for Curious Minds and The Puffin Book of Big Dreams


“A sensitive and thought-provoking book with striking illustrations that spark young readers’ imagination and encourage them to share similar feelings of regret and frustration.”

Joanna Deeks-Nisbet, teacher and mother of Eloise

This book is SO POPULAR that we ran out of stock within a month! Our wonderful printer has made sure that we now have more
stock in time for Christmas.

About the Author/Illustrator - Jonathan Liddell

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Jonathan has had various teaching roles over the years, working closely with children of all ages who find themselves in difficult life circumstances. Part of his dedication to the cause includes delivering creative-writing workshops to youngsters. He says:

“My hopes for these books are that they inspire others to pick up a pencil and sketch delight back into their lives, to share that delight with their loved ones, and to provide tales that point 
to the importance of close friends and the confidence to step forward for yourself.”

After obtaining a degree in Fine Art, Jonathan graduated in 2016 from the DJCAD Masters in Art, Society & Publics, and was awarded the William Sangster Phillip fund. With recent funding from the Scottish Book Trust and Creative Scotland, he is actively engaging children in story-telling activities during the pandemic—a truly modern challenge. 

See more on about Jonathan's work on Instagram @jonathan.liddell

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  Look out for more adventures with Ellie in 2021


Copyright Jonathan Liddell 2020

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