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Succulent Plant and Binder Clips

Publishing Extras

These services are in the same category because both traditionally occur after editing and layout or typesetting, when the text is as good as it can possibly be, and the design specifications have been imposed. The checks are normally carried out on final print-ready pages, on hard copies (printouts) or on screen. Web pages and online resources can also be proofread and indexed when in their final edited form, but these are tricky operations, requiring different strategies depending on the type of material. Indexes also need to be proofread.-demand (POD) companies.



[quotes][editing]How headings are going to help indexers. Headings used properly (!). [editing] tagging for typesetting[indexing]Proper relevant subheadings help indexers, which is best sorted during the editing process.

print-on-demand (POD) or conventionally printed books - I will advise on the logistics of printing and working with printers, covering book sizes, paper types and weights, types of covers and  bindings. I can do the 'print-buying' to secure quotes and liaise on all aspects of the job placed with the chosen printers. Typeset books are usually destined for traditional printing. I work with a number of established high-quality printers from whom I can get multiple quotes, based on page numbers, paper types, covers and bindings, colour requirements, the size of the print run and delivery of the final books (or other printed materials). The printer will produce yet another set of proofs, which will need to be checked carefully, by the author and myself - especially full-colour and illustrated books. Of course, the InDesign files can also be used for digital and POD platforms of your choice. Just let me know and I can arrange these too.

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