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Editing for Book Authors and Chapter Authors

Editing for book authors and chapter authors

“Thank you again for all your work on this [and] all your encouragement along the way …
you have got me excited in this project once again.”

J. Sisacle, self-publishing author

“Fantastic edit! I very much like the way you work. High craftsmanship.
It is a pleasure to learn from you.”

K. Dunlop, self-publishing author

“Thank you for what you have done so far – we are delighted!
We are approaching the end of the book - seems unbelievable and yet now I believe it more than ever.”

F. Madden & E. Santourini, self-publishing co-authors.

“I cannot tell you how impressed I am – you have taken the texts and shaken them beautifully.
I am knocked out.”

M. McInnes, multi-published author​

“It looked like you'd changed everything and I started to think I was kidding myself that I could write at all!
But reading through it - you've done a fantastic job of 'polishing' it [and] it's really shiny now.”

F. Foxall, self-publishing author

“It is really excellent how you have improved the text. Thanks so much.
I'm excited again. I get the sense that you get it!”

C. Forrest, book author​

“This is amazing! It’s been an incredible process and the highlight of my year.”
D. Johnson, children’s book author​

 “Your editing is awesome … so easy to follow. Brilliant! A vast improvement. I scarcely know what to say.”

M. McInnes, multi-published author​

“The text is extremely accessible without ever being less than comprehensive and professional …”

Reviewer of nonfiction book by Andrew Pollard

“I was overwhelmed! You do amazing work! I have worked with many editors and you have done a very thorough and marvellous job! You should be commended.”
H.J. Silvers, magazine article writer

“I have enjoyed every minute of the editing process and truly know what it means to ‘love your inner editor’.
It is now as important to me as the writing.”

A. Simmons, book author​

“I always try to avoid expert and expensive editors because once upon time I managed to publish without editing.
But when I feel it really matters, I seek YOUR help.”

F. Alswaidi, chapter author

“I am very pleased with your work because it has made my scribbling more readable and comprehensible.”

W.P. Davey, book author

“There [were] a lot of changes, which I really welcome, to broaden my understanding of the English language,
but also to perfect it.”

B. Aswander, self-publishing author

“I am very impressed with your addition of ideas and text. This is an excellent move and greatly appreciated …
I could be missing on some very important points [that] I could not even have thought about.”

O. Sanchez, book author

“I would also like to thank [you] for [your] copy-editing skills, positive support, sound advice and encouragement.”

J. Leishman, book author​

“I am in my element now as I polish these finer points in the form of questions and comments you have fired at me.
I can't thank you enough - I am so glad you ‘pushed’ me to do [this].”

V. Grant, self-publishing author

“Thank you so very much for your honest feedback. I am very happy that I am on the right path  …
I am 100% with you on editing and ‘tightening up the theme’. This I could not do alone, so thank you.”

O. Sanchez, self-publishing author

“You have done a wonderful job and made some valuable changes and suggestions which I shall work on”.

T. Lee, self-publishing children’s author

“Thank you for your terrific editing. It must have been a nightmare!! I love your instructions – you know my limits!

M. McInnes, multi-published book author

“Some of the issues you point out ... seeing them written down [by you] has made things much clearer.”

B. Foxall, multi-book author

“Thank you so much for this. I can see how your edit clarify and polish the content. I love your work!! You get me!”

K. Benari, multi-book author​

Editing for businesses, publishers and other organisations

“We have been working on the book and found your work fantastic, really easy to work with.
You've made it sound so much better.”

C. Mellor, design agency manager

“I just wanted to take the time to say thank you for your fantastic work on our [marketing] materials. Your attention to detail is marvellous and I feel like the professionalism of the text has increased significantly.
Also, thank you for all your suggestions for how we can further improve [them].”

Springer Publications Manager

“[The author] is very impressed … really singing your praises!”

K. Baxter, Commissioning Editor

“Your method of formatting essays is an innovation and the way you've done the file naming is very good for me to work on. Thanks so much for all your help! You have the ability to transform texts.”

A. Spencer, Special Projects Manager, Springer

“Your notes were an excellent rationale and explanation of the need for extensive changes.” 

T. Denning, Publications Manager

“I think your level of intervention was definitely appropriate. The client really needed your help!
We would be delighted to have you on our books for future work. I am sure this particular client will come back to us.”

Project manager, translation agency

“Many thanks for your help! I'm sorry I haven't been able to be more helpful and 'hands-on' with this project.
Everything is still so new to me!”

T. Nikovskis, Publications Manager

“The way you've done it is very good for me to work on. This method of formatting [the text] is an innovation.”

Editorial Manger, Springer

“Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I thought you might be too busy (I know how popular you are!)
but always like to give you first refusal!”

J. Thompson, Project Manager

“I'll say it again, Maria, you are a star!!”

G. Forsyth, Project Manager

“I am sure you can work your magic . What you suggest in your email is an excellent way forward … fantastic.”

H. Smith and A. McGrandles, book co-editors

“Thank you very much for the fast work and great edits to the materials … We will make sure to ask for your
services again next time we are developing marketing materials and brochures.”

Veterinary Products Manager

“[The client] was extremely grateful for your help - you really did an outstanding job!
I look forward to working with you again.”

Language Editing Agency

“Thank you very much for sending the text! You are always great at sticking [to] (anticipating?) deadlines!”

A. Devun, Information Resource Officer

“You were highly recommended as a regular copy editor for [the series].”

K. Bruce, Senior Production Editor

“Thanks for the most recent texts. They're looking really good and the authors are delighted with the editing.”

A. Spencer, Publishing Manater

“Just to let you know I've been through the edited manuscript. You did a great job!”

C. Karaviotis, Development Editor

“Your experiences are invaluable. Thanks for your very pertinent questions once again … you've spotted some more loopholes.”

Production Manager, Springer

“Thank you again for your detailed scrutiny and for picking up so many errors that had been overlooked. You have perfectly understood what I was trying to explain.”

J.R. Stott, QinetiQ

“Thanks for your very pertinent questions; yet again you've spotted loopholes in my instructions
and the template. Your experiences are invaluable.”

Multi-author book and database, Managing Editor, Springer

“Thank you for rising to the challenge of this rather tricky and atypical project! I hadn't realized just
how many style problems were lurking in the text!”

Project Editor

“The reason I'm on top of the chapters is because of the spectacular job you have
done on them. Absolutely amazing!”

Book Project Editor

“This is an excellent piece of work and I have no hesitation in adding your details to our database.

G. Wright, Editorial Manager

“Thank you so much for your excellent work and help. I am immensely grateful to you.” 

C. Slater, postgraduate student

“Thank you for using a 'lighter' editorial touch!! You are making fantastic progress …
and you have certainly made running this project a lot smoother!”

K. Baxter, Publishing Editor, Cavendish

“Many thanks for the work you have done thus far, We can see how the book is coming together with
the suggestions you have provided. we appreciate your continued support in working towards the publication date
[and] the additional work taken to improve the flow of text.”

H. Smith, multi-published author

“With your knowledge and experience of publishing … [and being] creative with a 'can do' attitude,
things should work out well from both our perspectives. ”

H. Smith, book editor

“I particularly benefitted from [your] excellent work on [that] large multi-author project - without [your] skill and careful attention to detail I would not have been able to produce such a high-quality product in the shortest possible time.”

A. Spencer, Development Editor

“Thank you very much for an excellent job … The client is very pleased with the updates.”
J. Blom, Project Manager, Exacta

“You have done a fantastic job! I think your level of intervention was definitely appropriate [and] the client really
needed your help! We would be delighted to have you on our books for future work.”

Freelance Manager, translation agency

Editing for academics and researchers (mostly language editing)

“I would like to thank you for such a great job. I have enjoyed the more concise contexts of the dissertation.
I hope to work with you again [and] will keep your name in my favourites.”
A.S. Alhlayl, research student

“You helped me in my thesis so much! I am extremely satisfied because of your brilliant work”

S. Jamaly, infectious diseases

“I want to thank you for the great job you have done! I was very impressed with your knowledge.
You have a wide overview on different fields.”

S. Mehrded, oncology researcher

“Thank you once more for your fantastic work. Your work is outstanding due to your interdisciplinary edge.”

O. Sanchez, nutritionist

“Bless you – this is absolutely brilliant – I love it. Your appreciation of the theory and its various ideas is quite fabulous.
Quite unbelievable - but also believable.”

M. McInnes, pharmacist

“Thank you for all your efforts and the splendid work. We greatly appreciate your kind advice.”

Keio University Center for Integrated Medical Research

“Likewise, it was a pleasure working with you! It'll make my life much easier!”

S. Singh, biochemist

“Thank you very much for your help. I really appreciate it.”

S. Thangthong, cancer researcher

“I'll get back to you seeking your wonderful editing! Results section is always the challenging part in writing
the papers but you did just fine as usual.”

F. Alswaidi, immunologist

“I have been through this and must thank you for such excellent work … The article reads very clearly indeed.”

I. Bone, neurologist

“Thank you so much for your work on the essay. You have done a fantastic job!”

Project manager, science editing agency

“Im glad you enjoyed [the text] as it was quite hardcore technically. You must really like editing!
Thanks again for all your hard work.”

S. Singh, cardiologist

“Thank you for the great job you have done! It was a big step onward to my thesis submission”

S. Jamaly, clinical geneticist

 “They accepted my paper for publishing!! The reason is your beautiful editing – and nothing else!”

B.E. Saud, epidemiologist

“I would just like to say it was lovely working with you I was really pleased with the results.
I got a first class in my dissertation. I will definitely recommend you to all my friends.”

B. Bashayer, medical informatics

“You have an impressive knowledge in this field and always [do] good work for me”

M. Rakaee, endocrinologist

Marketing, promo and events

“Thank you, and thank you again and again and again, for your fabulous and superhuman efforts.
The invite and banner are stunning … sufficiently surreal!”

Self-publishing author, promotional support and book launch

“Thank you all for your fabulous support for this crazy book. Your handling of this has been awesome.
You are brilliant and insightful [and] I am absolutely knocked out by your potent and quick responses.”

M. McInnes, author The Honey Diet and Homo Passiens

“Thank you very much indeed for organising that excellent meeting which I thoroughly enjoyed.
The questions were of high quality and the answers very informative… thanks for [your] thoughtfulness and hospitality.”

Participant at “Medical Question Time” cardiology event for ICI 

“So much to think about – your ideas are fabulous”.
Self-publishing book author, promotional ideas

“Thank you again for all your help … submitting all those ideas. It is really of great help!”

Information Resource Officer, promotional ideas

“[It] was absolutely wonderful – a joy – beautifully articulated. Not in the slightest surprised that it was so well received.”

Book author, pitch at book festival

“Thank you for your organisation and running [of the event] … I thought the whole thing went down extremely
well and the meeting was an extremely enjoyable event.”
Cardiologist, speaker at medical event

“The meeting exceeded my expectations and, at least to me, was most helpful”.
Self-publishing book author, editorial/production consultancy

“Thank you for your kind words and for all the hard work you have done to get us finally to this stage.
I’m proud to be part of [it].”

Book co-author, launch event

“I just wanted to take the time to say thank you for your fantastic work on our [marketing] materials.
Your attention to detail is marvellous and I feel like the professionalism of the text has increased significantly.
Also, thank you for all your suggestions for how we can further improve [them].”

Web marketing manager

“We will make sure to ask for your services again next time we are developing marketing materials/ brochures.”

Corporate client, promotional ideas

“Maria, thank you. This all sounds amazing. It [is a] fantastic [way to] raise the profile of the books and celebrate all the hard work that was involved in the creation of them.”
H.Smith, launch event ideas

“I will [check] here re potential for photographs and marketing. It is a huge task! You must have a lot of patience!”

A. McGrandles, launch event

“You demonstrated … a very professional approach [and] quickly established rapport with [our team].”

N. Crowser, pharmaceutical sales division

“I am very keen to hear your ideas on marketing and promotion and I'm very much excited about receiving your outline for marketing strategies and timeline for production - should make for exciting reading!”

 C. McLeod, self-publishing author

Typesetting and design support

“We have a winner! [The cover is] friendly but not cheesy/childish … sophisticated, to

the point, clean message. I like the space and font and feel.
I really liked that you emphasise the [key part of the title] - which is important to stand out.”

K Benari, multi-book author

“I've had many people who have seen it say very complimentary things about the layout and style and that is all down to your good self, of course. The cover is stonkingly good!”

CR Martin, multi-book author, Springer/M&K 

“I am really excited to see this unfolding – the layout is so complex.”
P Davies, self-publishing book author

“Again, thank you so much for all of your efforts! This is an incredible experience.”
D Johnson, children’s book author

“The book does indeed look impressive and reads well. I’m proud to be part of it.”
J Gibson, book co-author

“This [version] is truly wonderful – just fabulous and exactly what I need to move forward”.

M McInnes, multi-book author

“I am very pleased with the layout!”

M Beattie, book author

“You've done such a superb job. I'm so impressed and really appreciate what a very real and unique talent you have.”

CR Martin, book editor

“I am very pleased with the book and thank you for all your hard work.”
R Tattersall, diabetologist and multi-book author

“Many thanks for all your hard work! Nice to see it all so clean.” 

R. McLuhan, multi-book author

“OMG!! A very pretty book:) [It] looks AMAZING!!!! How exciting!!!” 
K. Benari, multi-book author

“Thanks for all the work that you have done in making progress in publishing our pile of documents;
we very much appreciate the comprehensive and thorough way you have done this.”

T. Denning, Publications Manager

“These [proofs] are gorgeous. Now I can go to work with a vengeance. What a joy. Many, many thanks.”

Multi-book author

“Thanks for your efforts and very thorough work on this. I know this has been a less than straight-forward project!”

AM Heather, Editorial Manager

“Maria this looks really good – thank you … Thanks for all the hard work you are doing with the books.
It’s getting to such an exciting stage now!” A McGrandles, book author/editor

“I love the overall [interior] layout. Looking great. Quotes - I love the style and arrangement”. 
K. Benari, multi-book author

“As a co-author of one of the chapters and a first-time writer it has been fantastic to finally see my [own] and the other contributors efforts in print.”

C. Cartwright, chapter author

“Your presentation of [the articles] is simply gorgeous!
The cover and back are stunning … text and tone fine [and] you have packed the back with terrific information.”
M. McInnes, multi-book author

“It [the book] is a blinder, in fact, and I do hope you'll be working on the others!
You really are the best and such fun to work with.”

C.R. Martin, multi-book author and editor

Project management (multiple editorial and publishing services)

“The books arrived safely yesterday and I am delighted with the result. A huge thanks to you once again for all of your help with this project … for all of your professional input through every stage of this book. I am delighted with the finished product and hope eventually finds wide acceptance … remember how appreciative I am of your wonderful work.”

P. Davies, self-publishing author

“It is great to work with a Project Editor who contributes in every way – dealing with authors direct and working through issues to resolve them.” A. Thornton, Publishing Editor

“I just wanted to say thank you for all the projects you’ve helped us with this year.” 
S. Bradshaw, Emedits

“Thanks for all your brilliant work. It's amazing what you do - just incredible.”
C.R. Martin, multi-published book author/editor

“Many thanks for all the hard work you've done so far! What you've done [with the manual] is fantastic! The format looks really good and a lot better than we'd anticipated so close to the launch. Thank you!”

S. Hall, BSS National Coordinator

“[You have] many times proved willing to expend extra effort in ensuring these deadlines are met, and has been able to persuade members of [our team] to cooperate in attaining these targets.

C. Wilkes, Regional Project Manager

“My thanks are also due to [you] for guiding it smoothly through the whole publication process.”
C. Martin, multi-published academic author

“Thank you so much for all of your efforts! This is an incredible experience.”

D Johnson, multi-book author

“Thanks so much for all your help on this project!
It has been a bit of a struggle so far but hopefully [now it] will be a lot more coherent”.  

J. Thompson, Project Manager

“I owe a big debt of gratitude to [you]… [for going] well beyond the call of duty in getting the book through [including] copy-editing and typesetting.”

Robert McLuhan, former foreign correspondent for The Guardian, freelance journalist, self-publishing book author

“I definitely see that light at the end of the tunnel - thanks for all your help!!!”

Thomas Denning, Publications Manager

“We now have all we need for the launch … Many thanks for your help!
I'm sorry I haven't been able to be more 'hands-on' with this project. Everything is still so new to me!”

Tara Nikovskis, Royal College of Surgeons, Publications Department

“Fabulous Maria, just fabulous – I am so delighted to be working with S&H – a joy, a pleasure and a privilege”.

M. McInnes, multi-book author

“You have put an enormous amount of work into getting this publication concluded and the circumstances have meant that it has been extremely frustrating at times for you … we hold [your work] in the highest regard.”

T Denning, Royal College of Surgeons

“[You have] good organisational and management skills … great diligence and self-awareness …
A classic self-starter.”

R. Ronald, Regional Project Manager, ADIS/Adelphi

“You seem an excellent person, and with [your] help I’m sure the journal will prosper even more.”

H.H. Stonnington, Taylor & Francis

“The book got delivered last week and I am very proud of it - as I'm sure you are too!”

C.P. Smith

Writing support

“I love your synopses … [it] is compelling and gorgeous. I absolutely love it.
Terrific, and adds the benefit of professionalism – your publishing history [is] key, I imagine. I love the quote.
True genius – speaks beautifully to the students who I am hoping will bite.”
M. McInnes, multi-book author

“Thanks again for fitting this in at short notice. Probably one of the best things ever to be put in the mag!!”

T. Davies, magazine articles

“I'm really pleased with this. It was initially such a mess and needed two lots of rewriting …
I sweated blood over it and it never seemed to get into a nice flow.”
C.P. Smith, multi-published book author

“It is beautifully articulated – so much better than the text I supplied”.
M. McInnes, multi-published book author​

“You wrote [it] so well that the time lapse is simply due to the client eulogising over your prose!”

R. Ronald, Regional Project Manager, Adis/Adelphi

“I have just finished reading your excellent and courageous chapter – wow.”
M. Williams, book reviewer

“The Amazon blurb [you wrote] is very powerful and accurate.”

P. Davies, book author

“The commissioning editor said you are the best copywriter she has ever found ...
and certainly the standard of your work so far is dazzling!”

C. Parchment Smith, book author 

“Wow – the copy looks great. Thank you!” 

C. Mellor, Design Agency

“Many thanks for turning this around in record time … the abstract looks very, very good indeed!”

S. Pringh, clinical researcher

“You are a star! I think the cover design is brilliant.”

Hugh S, multi-published author

“This is a really excellent way of expressing it. Thanks!”

S. Trenoweth, chapter author

“I know you will make a fabulous job [of it] … I have already seen how well you extract material for synopsis, absolutely brilliantly.”

M., multi-book author

Indexing support

“I am really pleased with the index, it looks fantastic. Thank you!”

K. Baxter, Publishing Editor

“This index is incredible. Now I know what my book was about!”

l. Malcolm, self-publishing author

“[You index] with great accuracy and attention to detail."

L. Daire, Publishing Manager

“Your work and professional [indexing skills] have been truly wonderful.”
M. McInnes, multi-book author

“[You have] that special kind of expertise … an ability to capture the essence of a piece of work and summarize it in a detailed and explicit way …your scrupulous and rigorous intellectual analysis and comprehension [and] in depth analysis [are] major achievements given the complexity of the task…”

M. O’Neill, Digital Production Manager

“The task was demanding and exacting and required a high level of concentration … [your] accurate on-screen editing … for entry onto [the database] required great accuracy and attention to detail.”

Database Manager

“The index looks fantastic.”

R. Massey, Project Editor

And thanks for the personal touch

“Thank you so much for everything … I am absolutely happy with this [and] you are SO kind and lovely.”

Fulya Donmez, chapter author

"I would like to thank [you] for [your] unfailing support and special friendship.”

A. Fox, multi-published author

“Thanks for what looks to be excellent work [and] thanks for your time earlier … it's so good to hear your enthusiasm.”

R. McLuhan, journalist and multi-published author

“Some of the issues you point out ... seeing them written down [by you] has made things much clearer.”

B. Foxall, multi-book author

“Please do your miracle, upgrade it, flower it, make it gorgeous!! I beg of you and your genius (Greek drama!).

E. Santourini, multi-published author

“I am delighted to read about your excitement!”

K. Benari, multi-book author

“Thank your for being so enthusiastic! [I am] very happy and [have] absolutely no desire to reel you back in at all!!!

Tor D., magazine articles


“Thanks for this, Maria. You are fantastic,… I so enjoy working with you.”
F. Foxall, multi-published author

"Your prompt reassurance concerning my worries was much appreciated.”

Tony Batchelor, chapter author


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